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    Our team uses advanced EMDR protocols to deliver the Unstuck Method.

Robin Chamberlain

Robin Chamberlain, R. Psych.


Studies consistently show that, given the right conditions, people can overcome problem patterns. Depression, anxiety, emotional eating, low self-esteem and relationship troubles are all patterns. Armed with the latest research and advanced EMDR protocols, Robin developed the Unstuck Method.

The Unstuck Method creates the conditions required for change. As a result, clients are more likely to achieve their goals. Many clients boast of no longer needing antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications. Others have gone from humdrum jobs to creating their own companies. Most impressively, they experience deeper self-confidence and better relationships.  As a result, they navigate the world like never before.

For Robin, it’s not enough to talk about success. She believes that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that pudding is best when shared. As such, she’s committed to developing a team of the best psychologists in Edmonton that will produce fantastic results for clients! Robin’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in her field, and her desire to help others, are the underpinnings of Unstuck Psychological.

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Shayla Drewicki, R.Psych.


If you haven’t met Shayla, then you’re missing out. Shayla’s kind and sparkly nature combined with the Unstuck Method makes a formidable force when it comes to breaking patterns. She’s no stranger to using the best of her skills to help clients find victory over anxiety, depression, PTSD and stuckness. Shayla will help you move your life in directions you never thought possible. But don’t take our word for it, find out for yourself and book a Risk-Free Consultation today!

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Melissa Schmode-Kristoff


An exquisite balance of warmth and straightforwardness only begins to describe Melissa’s character. Her genuine care for your well-being is the catalyst that ignites the power of the Unstuck Method. So when you find yourself heading back into the same pattern for the umpteenth time, maybe it’s time to call Melissa and break that cycle once and for all!

Meet Melissa


Todd Greene


Todd’s the Unstuck go-to-guy. He’s the one you’ll connect with to book appointments and, when you come in, he’ll be the first face you see. Not only does he single handedly run our busy front desk, he also takes care of the behind the scene stuff of business operations. He’s pretty much amazing. It’s no wonder that headhunters from all around the world keep trying to poach him from us!