Our team of EMDR therapists use advanced EMDR to protocols to deliver the Unstuck Method.

    Although we’re located in Edmonton, our psychologists provide services across Alberta.


Robin Chamberlain


Studies consistently show that, given the right conditions, people can overcome problem patterns. Depression, anxiety, emotional eating, low self-esteem and relationship troubles are all patterns. Armed with the latest research and advanced EMDR protocols, Robin developed the Unstuck Method. The Unstuck Method meets those right conditions. As a result, clients more likely to achieve their desired goals.

Many clients boast of no longer needing antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications. Other clients have gone from humdrum jobs to creating their own companies. Most impressively, clients experience deeper self-confidence. Moreover, they navigate the world like never before.

For Robin, it’s not enough to talk about success. She believes that the proof of the pudding is in the eating and that pudding is best when shared. As such, she’s committed to developing a team of  “super-therapists’ who’ll also produce jaw-dropping results

Robin’s unwavering pursuit of excellence in her field, and her desire to help others, are the underpinnings of Unstuck Psychological.


Todd Greene


After 30 years in mining and heavy oil, Todd gave up the industrial field to share his passion for leadership and business at Unstuck Psychological. As co-founder and Business Manager, Todd stays focused on Unstuck business operations. When Todd’s not creating new spreadsheets, you’ll find him creating opportunities for community engagement.