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Robin’s Message To You

If there’s one thing I want you to know, it’s that you can feel better. Currently, you may be struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or some other pattern. You’ve likely tried everything to feel better. But no matter what you do, the pattern comes back.

I take your search for help seriously, and I want you to have best possible start. As the CEO of Unstuck, I realize your time and money are important to you, which is why I’m proud to offer you a risk-free consultation. Simply come in for a full 50-minute consultation, and if you decide if you and your therapist aren’t a good match, then you don’t pay for the session!

Come in and see if we’re the right fit for you. Book your risk-free consultation and let’s get started!


Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Stuckness. We’re coming for you.


Our risk-free consultation is one full session, face-to-face, with one of Edmonton’s best psychologists. Here’s how it works: if you think you and the therapist aren’t the right fit, then your session is free.  The idea of a risk-free consultation came from our CEO’s desire to do the right thing. You see, Robin’s a bit of a research nerd. Because of her nerdy-nature, she made a few discoveries about how to help clients achieve better results faster.

Feel Better Faster

The first discovery, is that most people start to feel better between the time of making the first appointment and the end of the first appointment. Want to know how much better they feel? Seriously, you probably won’t believe it. Research says they feel 65 % better! By the end of the risk-free consultation, you’re likely to be feeling a heck of a lot better. So, that’s something!

95% Client Satisfaction Rate

Secondly, research tells us that one factor alone can predict how successful you’ll be in therapy. That one factor is how much you like your psychologist. Wild, right? The quality of the relationship between you and your psychologist is critical. In effect, the better the relationship, the more likely you’ll succeed.  You may have read our stat that our clients experience a 95% satisfaction rate with their Unstuck psychologists. These high marks means that our clients achieve results. Because the relationship between you and your therapist is so important, we get your feedback every single session. We do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

Take The First-Step

It’s because of the importance of the first session and having a good relationship with your therapist, that the risk-free consultation exists. It’s our way of honoring your first-step towards change, and helping you to feel better faster. Really, there’s not much downside here. See for yourself.


  • Unstuck Gives

    Our clients give us a 95% satisfaction rating.

    Jaw-dropping, right?

  • Unstuck Gives

    The Unstuck Method uses your brain’s natural ability to solve problems.

  • Unstuck Gives

    Therapy is often more effective than medication.

The Unstuck Method

Have you noticed that the very thing you’re trying not to do, you end up doing anyways?  Patterns like depressionpanic attacks, anxiety and perfectionism, etc. leave a person feeling defeated, lonely and confused.

Why The Unstuck Method Works

It’s no secret. We know that negative emotions, limiting beliefs (e.g. I’m not good enough, I’m bad, I’m going to be abandoned, etc.) and behaviors are generally caused by unresolved earlier experiences. As a result, these unresolved incidents cause distortion. It’s the distortions that push a person in wrong directions. As such, the distortion interferes with the way a person relates to their world and to other people. Research tells us that when a person is very upset their brain doesn’t process information like it usually does.  Consequently, highly charged incidents remain “frozen in time”.  These frozen memories are survival memories, and you bet your bottom dollar, you’re brain is going to keep these. In effect, the images, sounds, smells and feelings from the original experience are stuck in the brain. So, when you encounter a similar scenario, the frozen survival memories are activated and incorporated into the reasoning process. For example, while you logically know that no one is perfect, you still feel the need to be perfect.  The felt need to be perfect is the distortion, and that’s the thing that causes problems. The Unstuck Method works with the way the brain sifts, sorts, and stores information. It helps the brain to remove the distortions and resume normal processing.  (Processing is what your brain does to create a learning environment, whereby experiences are understood and stored appropriately.) The end result is that the unhelpful emotions, limiting beliefs and behaviors are discarded. In other words, you stop doing stupid stuff.

The Two Phased Approach

We have more good news for you. We’ve helped tons of people get out of problem patterns. Here’s how. The Unstuck Method is made up of two important phases. In the first phase, we work with you, as co-detectives, to solve the mystery of why you’re stuck. In the second phase, we use advanced EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) protocols to help you burst out of destructive patterns.

Notice The Difference

After treatment, you’ll no longer be driven towards similar destructive patterns.  The Unstuck Method leaves you with the emotions, understanding and perspectives that lead to useful behaviors and interactions. What will your life look like once power of the pattern is gone? Let’s find out together. We’re ready when you are.




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