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Embark on a transformative path of personal growth and self-discovery guided by our team of skilled psychologists in Edmonton. At Unstuck Psychological, we specialize in transforming lives through tailored, compassionate care for various mental health challenges.

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towards personal empowerment and growth.

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Robin D. Chamberlain MACP RPsych
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About Unstuck Psychological

CEO: Robin's Message to You

If you’re grappling with challenges like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or low self-esteem, I want you to know that there’s a path to positive change.

Having explored various solutions without lasting success, you might be seeking a fresh approach. At Unstuck, we take your journey seriously. To kickstart your well-being, I’m pleased to offer you a risk-free consultation with one of our dedicated Psychologists. Spend 50-minutes with us, and if it doesn’t feel right, your session is on us.

Your time and resources are valuable, and our commitment is to provide a supportive, personalized experience. Take that first step by booking your risk-free consultation with an Unstuck Psychologist. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Wishing you a journey of growth and resilience,

CEO & Lead Psychologist

Psychological Services

Catering to Your Mental Health Needs

Depression Management

Compassionate support and strategies for overcoming depression.

Anxiety Relief

Tailored approaches to reduce anxiety and improve well-being.

Addiction Support

Comprehensive care for addiction recovery and relapse prevention.

Trauma Care

Specialized therapy for trauma healing and resilience building.

Identity Growth

Guiding personal and identity development with empathy.

Relationship Counselling

Strengthening connections through effective relationship therapy.

Unstuck Psychological offers a variety of services to address emotional regulation, dissociative disorders, somatic symptoms, self-worth, grief, perinatal health, parenting, body image, life enhancement, and men’s mental health. Our services address a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that individuals receive tailored care to navigate challenges, foster resilience, and enhance their overall mental health and happiness.

Start Your Healing Journey With a Risk-Free Consultation

Why Your First Appointment Matters

Our risk-free consultation, a 50-minute session with one of Edmonton’s best psychologists, forms the foundation of our approach. Informed by research-driven insights into the psychology of client-therapist relationships and their influence on therapy outcomes, this initial appointment is frequently a transformative experience. The first session sets the tone for your journey towards improved mental health and well-being. The risk-free session is crafted to establish a solid foundation for your therapy experience. If, during this session, you don’t feel a connection with your psychologist, the session is free.

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Feel Better Quickly

Most clients report feeling significantly better after their first appointment.

Client Satisfaction

The quality of your relationship with the psychologist is key to therapy success.

Take The First-Step

The first appointment is a crucial step towards positive change and healing.

Discover The Difference

Experience the impact of a well-matched therapeutic relationship from the start.

Unstuck Psychologists leverage how your brain works. It’s an all natural approach backed by research.

Lasting change requires stick-to-it-ness, some challenges, and time.

Therapy isn’t a quick fix, it’s a deep fix.

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The Pride Centre of Edmonton

Commitment to Giving Back

Supporting Community Initiatives

Unstuck Psychological is passionate about community engagement and supporting vital causes like the Edmonton Pride Centre. Our efforts in giving back reflect our dedication to mental wellness not just within our clinic, but throughout the broader community. Join us in making a meaningful impact