About Unstuck Psychological

About Unstuck Psychological in Edmonton

Our Story, Our Quest

**warning these subheadings might not be suitable for adults viewers under the age of 30.


In the illustrious year of 2017, Robin and Todd embarked on the grand venture that is Unstuck Psychological, but the saga commenced two decades prior. Robin, a former social alchemist (AKA social worker) turned psychologist, wielded a unique duality. Social workers, she discerned, were architects of the grand tapestry, envisioning the sprawling landscape of society, while psychologists were artisans, sculpting the individual nuances.


Robin aspired to untangle the perplexing patterns woven by societal structures. Despite being taunted by French knights and having to dodge flying cows, she spent 15 years charting a course toward her dream of becoming a psychologist, navigating the labyrinth of mistakes and triumphs. An astute learner, Robin absorbed insights not only from clients but also from fellow therapists, gravitating towards those exuding maturity, health, balance, humour, growth, and quiet humility. Yet, a vital piece continued to elude her.


Driven by an unquenchable thirst for completeness, Robin embarked on the quest to decipher the maze of divergent ideas in aiding people. The vast expanse of counselling theories, numbering over 400, mirrored her quest for clarity amidst the cacophony of conflicting research and cat screeches.


The journey was arduous, challenging her perceptions of psychological theories and miraculous cures. Amidst the disorienting twists of conflicting research, Robin found vital clues, the Knights Who Say Ni, and a llama, thus renewing her hope and propelling her onward.


Yet, Robin wasn’t alone in her odyssey. Enter Todd, the stalwart companion. A luminary in the private realm, Todd’s unwavering support and companionship were instrumental. He danced on the roundtable whenever he was able. Yet, without Todd’s pivotal role, Unstuck would remain but a distant dream. So, together, they fought the black knight, answered impossible questions, and threw the holy hand grenade.


As Robin honed her skills, Unstuck’s vision unfurled after Todd counted to three. In 2017, Unstuck emerged, a testament to their joint endeavors, much like the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch exploding onto the scene.

**For those mystified by the subheadings, rest assured that the responsible party has been duly sacked. #johncleese #monthpython #holygrail #openingcredits

Our Core Foundations

Vision, Mission, and Motto

At Unstuck Psychological, our vision, mission, and motto are the guiding principles that shape our approach to psychological care. They reflect our commitment to providing exceptional, empathetic services that foster growth and healing. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to embody these values in every aspect of our work, ensuring a supportive and transformative experience for every client.


Envisioning a future where everyone can overcome personal and systemic challenges to live a fulfilled, unstuck life.


To empower individuals to break free from problem patterns and navigate life's complexities through tailored psychological counselling.


Progress, not perfection – guiding you towards a life unbound.

Start Your Healing Journey With a Risk-Free Consultation

Why Your First Appointment Matters

At Unstuck Psychological, our cornerstone is the risk-free consultation—a 50-minute session with one of Edmonton’s best psychologists. Our approach is rooted in research-driven insights into the psychology of client-therapist relationships and their influence on therapy outcomes. Crafted to establish a robust foundation for your therapy journey, this session prioritizes your needs. If you don’t feel a connection with your psychologist, rest assured—the session is free. Your initial appointment is more than just an introduction; it’s a transformative experience, setting the tone for your path to enhanced mental health and well-being.

Feel Better Quickly

Most clients report feeling significantly better after their first appointment.

Client Satisfaction

The quality of your relationship with the psychologist is key to therapy success.

Take The First-Step

The first appointment is a crucial step towards positive change and healing.

Discover The Difference

Experience the impact of a well-matched therapeutic relationship from the start.

Start Your Journey

Book Your Risk-Free Consultation

Take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling life with our risk-free consultation. It’s an opportunity to meet with one of our psychologists, discuss your concerns, and see how we can help, with no financial commitment if you feel we’re not the right fit for you.

Our Team

Meet Our Psychologists

Meet our team of exceptional psychologists at Unstuck Psychological. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and compassionate approach to therapy, ensuring personalized care for every client.

The Pride Centre of Edmonton

Commitment to Giving Back

Supporting Community Initiatives

Unstuck Psychological is passionate about community engagement and supporting vital causes like the Edmonton Pride Centre. Our efforts in giving back reflect our dedication to mental wellness not just within our clinic, but throughout the broader community. Join us in making a meaningful impact.