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We’re ready to answer those nagging get-to-know-before-you-go questions. If we didn’t answer your question here, smash the contact us button and ask!

The risk-free consultation is a 50-minute session with a psychologist. Basically, if you don’t think it’s a good fit, then you don’t pay for the session! We do this because we know that the relationship between client and therapist is super-dee-duper important.

A risk-free consultation gives you the freedom to see if you like the therapist. At this session, we’ll take time to get to know you a little and answer any questions about  how therapy works.

We want you to succeed, and we’re here to help!

New clients are often not sure what to talk about at the first session. You can relax. Our Psychologists will guide you every step of the way. Because we don’t believe in wasting your time, we start a comprehensive general assessment at the risk-free consultation. We’ll ask you a thousand questions (okay, maybe not a thousand) to get to know you better.

Are you thinking you can’t afford it? We say you can’t afford not to!

Getting rid of unwanted patterns increases productivity, energy, and health. Therapy transforms your financial life because you no longer spend money on temporary feel-goods. Think about the money you’ll save when you stop over-shopping or emotional eating, drinking too much alcohol, or missing work. Invest in yourself!

Our rates are aligned with what the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta recommends, which is $220 for a 50-minute session.

Also, don’t forget to check with your insurance provider. If one of the Psychologists at Unstuck is helping you, most insurance providers will happily reimburse you. And to make it easier for you, we direct bill to most insurance providers.

Before You Feel Better

It might surprise you, but the most common side-effect from therapy is that people feel worse before they feel better. It’s a lot like cleaning out your closet. Only until you take everything out of the closet do you know what you have. The next step is deciding what to keep and how to organize it so that it serves you better. Lastly, you need to do something with the things that are outdated or the wrong size. We’ll help you sort through your stuff

Relationships Count

Your first session will inform you and the psychologist about whether you’ll make a good team. Not every client-psychologist relationship works and that’s okay. If this happens, please let us know and we’ll do our best to find the right therapist for you.

Leaving Early

Prematurely ending therapy is never a good idea. It’s like cleaning out your closet and leaving everything on the bed and floor– it looks and feels messy. If you need to take a break, ask your therapist how to tidy up before you go.

Life Happens

If your resources of time or money change, please talk to us. We can be pretty creative!

It totally makes sense to wonder about confidentiality. After all, we talk about big things. We want you to know that a Psychologist may only disclose information under very specific conditions. As such, we cover this important topic in the risk-free consultation.

However, if you have questions now, then ask us! One of the Unstuck Psychologists will be more than happy to chat with you!

In the first three sessions, you and your Psychologist work together to:

  1. Understand the details of the problem and how it’s affecting you.
  2. Complete a comprehensive general assessment.
  3. Determine your goals for therapy.
  4. Create your custom treatment plan.

After that, your Psychologist will use psychological interventions that are specific to your treatment plan. Although there are many therapeutic methods, one such intervention they may choose is EMDR (eye movement desensitization reprocessing). It is a specialized therapy that’s been proven to be helpful in resolving problem patterns. Our Psychologists are experienced, and well known for the skilled use of advanced EMDR protocols.

What is EMDR?

This doesn’t mean it can’t work now! EMDR is indeed a science, but there’s also a delicate artistry to it. Everyone’s experience unfolds differently based on many different factors, including timing of treatment and the unique connection between you and your Therapist. In other words, EMDR is not merely a technique to be “applied” but a process to be experienced. You’re a beautifully complex human for us to work alongside, not a machine to be worked on. And if EMDR does not work for you, we have many other tools in our kit.

No, but the processes can look similar at first glance! Both use bilateral stimulation (i.e. activate the left and right sides of the brain through alternating visual, tactile, or auditory cues). Tapping activates and integrates positive neural networks (“internal resources”) by using alternating touches combined with the power of imagination. EMDR is a bit more complex. It involves deeper-level processing of “old stuff” to resolve unhelpful belief systems that keep us stuck in certain patterns. Tapping can be used in preparation for EMDR, but some non-EMDR therapists use Tapping all on its own.

We’re glad you asked! Even though we’re located in Edmonton, we provide services across Alberta and Atlantic Canada. We use the latest in secure video conferencing programs to deliver therapeutic services to remote or more convenient locations for our clients.

Use our secure online booking system or call us to book. A credit card number secures your appointment with one of our Registered Psychologists. If you don’t have a credit card, we’ll make other arrangements. After booking, you will receive an email asking you to complete an intake form. Fill out the intake form and then you’re done!

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