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    Even though we’re located in Edmonton, our team of the best psychologists provide services Alberta wide.

    Providing adult individual therapy is our specialty.

    Our risk-free consultation is one full session with a Psychologist.

    We make it easy for you! We direct bill to most insurance providers.

Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Stuckness.

Prepare to meet your match.


Services for Adult Individual Therapy

The Unstuck method is designed for people like you–people who want real change.

Our method has two phases. In the first phase, we track down how the pattern began. Once that’s figured out, we develop goals and create your customized treatment plan.

After your treatment plan is in place, we move to the second phase. In this phase, we break out our best skills to help you achieve your goals. We use advanced EMDR interventions to neutralize the need for the pattern. If there’s no need, there’s no pattern ;O)

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Thinking About Going To Couples Counselling?

Even with the help of a psychologist, couples therapy helps only half the time. At a 4 year follow up, the couples who went to couples therapy, had a divorce rate of 38%!

Our philosophy is that the best work on relationships is done one person at a time. Individual therapy is where the magic really happens. Curious about why?

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Remote Therapy: For When Life Gets In The Way Of Getting The Help You Want.

We recognize that you may need to access therapy by phone or video conference, so that’s why we offer remote therapy. Perhaps you need to access therapy remotely because you live out of town, work remotely, or are waiting for a COVID-19 test result. Well whatever the reason, we’re here to help!

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