COVID-19: Coping in a Changing World


COVID-19 has changed our world, and coping with the changes that have resulted from COVID-19 can be challenging. 

Mindful observation and acceptance of what is and isn’t within our control can keep us grounded in everyday life. Likewise, focusing on what we do know rather than catastrophizing about what we don’t know can help regulate our emotions. Here are some things that our Unstuck Team encourages you to take charge of during this pandemic:

Stay responsibly informed

Neither ignorance to nor obsession with the pandemic is a healthy approach to coping. Health and wellness are all about finding a middle ground. Use reliable sources of information and take breaks from media. Decide on specific times of the day during which you’ll check in about what’s going on in the world instead of being plugged in 24/7.

Coping with COVID-19 through connections with others

We’re really being asked to engage in “physical distancing” rather than “social distancing”. Use technology to your advantage to keep relationships alive and well! Quality conversation is not being cancelled. Even support groups such as AA and NA are offering online meetings so that nobody is left behind.

Promote feelings of safety by sticking to some sort of a routine

Your usual routine may be disrupted by various COVID-19 closures, so develop a new one. Set a morning alarm, shower and change your clothes (yes, even if no one is going to be seeing or smelling you), eat at regular intervals, dedicate certain hours of the day to certain tasks, and go to bed at the same time each night. Amidst chaos, we need structure.

Keep your body active

There are numerous at-home fitness and yoga programs available for free streaming being offered at this time. If moderate or vigorous exercise isn’t possible for you, engage in lighter stretching activities, hot baths, or even self-massage to keep your body stimulated.

Eat mindfully

If you’re spending a lot of time at home, it’s easy to get bored or mindlessly binge on your stockpiled treats while powering through Netflix. Remember, less caloric expenditure requires less caloric intake. Plan nutritious meals and sit down at a table to eat them without distraction so you can really tune into when your body says it’s fueled.

Find moments of calm

When it’s most difficult to slow down is often when our brains and bodies would most benefit from doing so. There are several mindfulness and meditation apps out there, many of which are offering free trials and programs right now (Calm and Insight Timer are two of our faves). Start with a few minutes a day and work your way up to longer sessions. Give that “animal brain” a rest!

Coping with COVID-19 together- We’re here for you

You don’t need to manage coping with the changes that have resulted from COVID-19 alone. During COVID-19, we may not always be able to meet with you face-to-face, but we can still deliver the same high quality service remotely (video or telephone). You might wonder if remote delivery of therapy is right for you. The best way to find out is to try, which is exactly what the Risk-Free Consultation is all about!

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Robin Chamberlain

Robin, lead psychologist and CEO at Unstuck Psychological, utilizes her extensive experience to foster meaningful change in clients’ lives. Her approach combines kindness, evidence-based strategies, and creative expertise for effective therapy.