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March 23, 2021

When is it a Concern? Alcohol or other substances  Most people have at times wondered if they were drinking too much or if they should take a break. This tends to happen around occasions where alcohol ends up taking up a lot of time, energy, or you notice that you’ve been spending more than you intended, either on alcohol or alcohol related things. While we’re talking […]

November 25, 2020

If there’s one defining characteristic of our human species, it may well be our imperfection. It is inevitable that, at one time or another, we will all make a mistake. The challenge is going the next step to offer an apology. If you’ve come to terms with our humanness, let’s see if you can accept […]

November 1, 2020

At one time or another, folks might wonder if their behaviours are bordering on overuse. For example, folks might start to question their overuse of alcohol during occasions where alcohol takes up time, energy, or money. While this article focuses on alcohol, it’s helpful to remember that the signs of overuse can come up with […]

October 6, 2020

Self-care in the midst of COVID is essential. Without self-care stressors due to isolation, burnout, fear of sickness, and a lack of separation between roles (for example working from home while parenting and home schooling) can pile up.  Although time for oneself is always recommended, the added stressors that COVID-19 brings makes self-care even more […]

July 15, 2020

More extreme and destructive than overeating, binge eating (i.e. food addiction) is compulsive in nature. Like other addictions, it is often done in secret. Feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, disgust and/or self-loathing are often part of what May (2014) terms the “Eat-Repent-Repeat” cycle. Ironically, there’s a great loss of control over eating behaviours as one […]

March 20, 2020

Covid-19 has changed our world. Mindful observation and acceptance of what is and isn’t within our control can keep us grounded in everyday life. Likewise, focusing on what we do know rather than catastrophizing about what we don’t know can help regulate our emotions. Here are some things that our Unstuck Team encourages you to […]

March 19, 2020

With even positive change comes loss in addition to gains. There exist more than 40 types of losses that we can experience throughout our lifetimes. In other words, more than 40 ways that our worlds can be turned upside down, and hearts potentially broken. Grief is the natural reaction to such losses. It’s a special […]

December 20, 2019

When we trust another person, we are oh-so vulnerable to getting hurt. But here’s the thing: Lifelong mistrust almost guarantees lifelong unfulfillment. As humans, we are naturally hardwired for connection. As such, choosing the path of relentless mistrust isn’t really in our best interests. It’s important that we learn how to leap forward with some […]

October 8, 2019

THE WORDS, “NEEDS” AND “DEPENDENT” ARE NOT BAD WORDS The word need is sometimes spoken about as though it is a bad thing, even worse the word dependency. How dare we have needs and how much worse is it for us to be dependent on someone, after all, this would make us “needy and dependent”.  […]

September 5, 2019

It’s hard to find someone who knows more about shame than Brené Brown. She’s dedicated her career to studying this topic, along with its close relatives: courage, vulnerability, and empathy. Her work has blown up the Internet, bestsellers lists, and (more recently) Netflix, and she has been trending for years now because she tackles complex […]